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The Hamster Alliance is a one man music project. The goal of "THA" is to produce awesome and diverse music without constraints. All music by THA is freely available on the internet to listen to. If you would like to use THA music in a project, please send me an email

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New Track: Astral Projection

24. August 2009 15:39 by Hamst3r in Tracks

This tune is a big change of pace from the last track. Where the last one was slow and somber, this one is upbeat and carefree sounding.

It was also written while people were watching via a live video stream. I’m going to be doing this more often, so if you’d like to see what goes on behind the scenes when I’m making a track, check out the live stream page HERE.

To find out when I’m broadcasting, follow or friend me on Twitter, Myspace, Facebook or Friendfeed. I’ll post a link when I start and then post the MP3 when I’m done.

I’ll also be uploading recorded bits of the video to Youtube after the live feed, for anyone who missed out. :)

Anyways, here’s the track that was put together during the feed:

Download: THA – Astral Projection (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


New Track: Chaos Out of Nothingness

22. August 2009 15:40 by Hamst3r in Tracks

I have a huge appreciation for Post Rock and Progressive Rock music. I borrow from their ideas quite often. I haven’t really done a full on track in either genre though. Making Contact is the closest I’ve come to making a Progressive Rock or Post-Rock track.

Chaos Out Of Nothingness comes much closer. Layers of guitars, bass, drums, piano and ambience that build-up slowly to the big finale. Not too slow of a buildup though, cause I get bored when the build-up is several minutes long. :P

Check it out:

Download: THA – Chaos Out Of Nothingness (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


New Track: Climate Change

17. August 2009 15:41 by Hamst3r in Tracks

I saw the film District 9 last night. I suggest you go do the same, it’s very good! It’s also what inspired this piece of music.

Climate Change revolves around a piano melody that’s supported by some light percussion, a few synthesizers and some soaring strings. It has a moody tone overall, but there’s a sense of hope in there too. :)

Check it out:

Download: THA – Climate Change (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


New Track: Solarphage

3. August 2009 15:45 by Hamst3r in Tracks

Mad Ninja Skillz and I have started on ezmuze+: drum and bass edition.

We’re aiming for thousands of loops this time.

So, to get myself into the right mindset, I made a track in a style I haven’t done before. This is darker, grittier and heavier than the kind of D’n‘B I’m used to making.

whirring synths, fast drums and thick bass with a generous dose of filtering and compression is the recipe.

My favorite part is from 1:25 to 1:56. :D

Check it out:

Download: THA – Solarphage (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


New Track: Mode 7

27. July 2009 15:48 by Hamst3r in Tracks

Have you ever wondered what four Nintendo Game Boy handhelds playing in unison would sound like? No? Oh, ok.

Well, guess what?

It sounds like this new track!

The track is called Mode 7 and it’s a lot of buzzes and blips. A chiptune, if you will.

I’m a fan of single oscillator saw synths being used to emulate lead guitar sounds and other such nonsense, so there’s some of that sort of thing going on in this track.

Also, there’s no effects processing or mixing outside of a tape saturator and a mastering limiter to keep the overall sound under control.

Stylistically, I wasn’t attempting to mimic the music from any particular video game, though classics like Mega Man, F-Zero, Castlevania and others will always be in the back of my mind when I’m making stuff like this, so you might hear a bit of those in there.

Check it out:

Download: THA – Mode 7 (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


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