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New Track: WargaNegara remix

13. July 2008 18:44 by Hamst3r in Tracks

Perhaps y’all remember Kerambit, the Malaysian MC.

Well, he tossed some vocal tracks my direction, but didn’t give me any guidelines, so I ended up with this somewhat unconventional sounding remix.

Check out Kerambit – WargaNegara (THA Mix):

THA Radio

Download (right click, save as)

Myspace Page


P.S. I will be releasing moar music this month. :)

P.P.S. starting with this sexy quick song about fungi: Dirty Talk.mp3

New Track: In The Cake

7. June 2008 18:46 by Hamst3r in Tracks

New track! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

This one has taken a while, but it’s finally complete. It was originally called, “In The System” but has since had a lot of cake related dialogue added to it, so now it’s, “In The Cake“.

This is GLaDOS from Portal + Drum and Bass…and cake…and rhubarb.

Check it out:

THA Radio

Download (right click, save as)

Big Sexy Buzz Icons

5. June 2008 18:47 by Hamst3r in Updates

This update is for all the Buzzers out there:

As you might have heard, after about a 7 year hiatus, Oskari has begun developing Buzz Tracker again.



That kind of news is simply monumental. It’s also completely unexpected as everyone was under the impression that the Buzz source code had been lost forever in a hard drive crash. Apparently what was lost was just the most up-to-date version of Buzz, but Oskari still had a six month old backup of the source code.

I hold nothing against him for not resuming his work on Buzz sooner as I fully understand losing six months of work and not wanting to redo it all over again. It’s not fun. Not to mention that Buzz is freeware.

Anyways, since we’re getting a new sexy Buzz, here are some new sexy Buzz icons to make it look nice on your task bar and in your fancy dock software (Rocket Dock , Object Dock , etc.):


The basic icon looks like this:

There’s also a version without the border and a version that’s flatter and textured like cork, which makes it look like a drink coaster.

All three versions come in two formats. A standard .ICO format for XP and Vista as well as in 256×256 pixel PNG format for those of you who are using a dock program.

Enjoy. :)

THA Torrents are up for download

20. May 2008 18:49 by Hamst3r in Updates

I believe this will be good news to a lot of you, particularly those with a slow internet connection or those who only want a few particular mp3s out of the THA Collection:

I have teamed up with to provide Bittorrent downloads of my music. If you check out the music page, there are green buttons below the normal download links. Click on the green buttons to download the THA Collection or the Portal Inspired Music with your favorite torrent client!

The torrents are permanent and there will always be seeders available as the files are hosted on LegalTorrents’ dedicated servers. Don’t worry about the last seeder disappearing in the middle of your download, cause it won’t happen.

So, pass the links around to your friends. Put the links on your site. Download only the mp3s you want. Start your download before you go to sleep and wake up to THA music on your computer!

Here are two 1600×1200 THA Collection wallpapers that I put together last night for this too:

Thanks for listening!

A new track and some Buzz things

17. May 2008 18:50 by Hamst3r in Tracks


First off, for the Buzzers out there…

Buzz Updates:

The Hamst3r Index was updated with all of the latest machines last week. You can get it in the Buzz section.

There are also two new tutorial files in the Buzz section. One of them shows you how to achieve a distorted drum sound with various effects on them similar to the drums in The Great Destroyer by Nine Inch Nails. The other will show you how to achieve a bass sound similar to the bass in Satisfaction by Benni Benassi, complete with the reverb, pumping and filtering effects.

Now, about the new song…

Perhaps you’ve heard the THA track, Out There. It’s available in folder 5 of the THA Collection. It’s a track I did back in 2003 for the one and only Malaysian MC, Kerambit. A few days ago he sent me an mp3 of his new track and hey, it sounds kind of familiar! It’s the Out There track, but now with vocals. :)

So, here’s an MP3, an English translation of the lyrics and the video.:

Malaysian MC Kerambit – Gengster Baik

[Download MP3] [Read Lyrics]  


You can also stream it on THA Radio, per usual.

Check it out. Beats by The Hamster Alliance, Malaysian Rapping by Kerambit and additional vocals by DJ Feedo and To’ki.


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