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5. May 2008 18:53 by Hamst3r in Tracks

I completely forgot to post this when it was released.

A 30 second version of Coxcomb was put together for the “No Time To Waste” breakcore compilation.

There are 73 tracks on the compilation, but all of the tracks are between 20 and 30 seconds in length.

If you’re in to erratic beats and mind-gutting noise, then make sure you check this out!

No Time To Waste

[Direct Download]

New Track: Soaring Eagles

30. April 2008 18:57 by Hamst3r in Tracks

I’ve completed the Soaring Eagles track.

This song has a new age flair with it’s relaxing tones, intermixed with harsher electronic tones and some effects that will probably catch you off guard.

This track features two models of Hang Drum, a Korg Prophecy for the drums, a piano, a Khim (a type of dulcimer), some manipulated moaning and a variety of other sounds.

Always striving to head in different directions with my music and never get stuck doing the same stuff over and over. :)

Check it out:

THA Radio

Download (right click, save as)


Hang Drum Test Update

29. April 2008 19:00 by Hamst3r in Tracks

The track has a name now as it’s no longer a test. I think “Soaring Eagles” is a good name for it. Has a kind of new-age hippie sound to it. :P

I’ve added the first set of strings and some other elements to fill out the sound. I still have some dynamics work to do, like fading in the strings rather than having them just start off at full velocity.

A few of the sounds are still sticking out to me as too loud compared to the other sounds in some spots. So those will get fixed tomorrow night.

If I can manage to get it right, I plan on adding a solo violin.

Anyways, check it out, if you’re in to these incremental update things. :)

If not, ignore this and you’ll have the finished song in a day or two!

Download: Hamst3r – Soaring Eagles.mp3 (unfinished version)

Hang Drum Test

28. April 2008 19:01 by Hamst3r in Tracks

Here’s what I’m doing with the Hang Drum and Khim:

Hamst3r – Hang Drum Test

The electronic drums are a Korg Prophecy ran though some distortion.

I plan on expanding this quite a bit. Adding a new melody with some nice strings. Probably somewhere in the middle. The track will definitely be longer, probably by 2 minutes.

I want to expand on the electronic beat too, make it do a few more tricks later on to sound busier towards the end without actually adding more layers.

It also needs some “sweeps”. Synths and sounds that whoosh in just before a new bar to give it more impact. I have a good idea of what kinds to use too.

Anyways, check it out. :)

By the way, do you guys like hearing unfinished stuff or would you rather just hear the finished tracks? Lemme know!

New Tracks: Where Am I and Barricade of Fire

19. April 2008 19:02 by Hamst3r in Tracks

Hi! :D

I just finished two new tracks. Stayed up all night working on them.

The first one is an extended and heavily built upon version of one of the “Portal Inspired” tracks. The track was called, Where Am I? and was actually the first track that I wrote for that ambient music project.

This extended Where Am I? mix takes the original theme and expands on it greatly, slowly building up to some heavy drum chops and piano arpeggios at around 3:00 in.

The second track is a hard rock song that I worked on with guitarist Josh Calles. The track is called Barricade of Fire and is part of another [insert video game name here] inspired project. I already have the guitars and groundwork laid out for 4 more of these rock and rocktronica tracks, so I’m guessing they’ll be up here pretty soon. :)

You can stream both tracks on THA Radio.

Or you can download them by right clicking on these links:

Hamster Alliance – Where Am I? (Extended Edit).mp3

Hamster Alliance – Barricade of Fire.mp3

Thanks for listening! :)

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