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The Hamster Alliance is a one man music project. The goal of "THA" is to produce awesome and diverse music without constraints. All music by THA is freely available on the internet to listen to. If you would like to use THA music in a project, please send me an email

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New Track: Solarphage

3. August 2009 15:45 by Hamst3r in Tracks

Mad Ninja Skillz and I have started on ezmuze+: drum and bass edition.

We’re aiming for thousands of loops this time.

So, to get myself into the right mindset, I made a track in a style I haven’t done before. This is darker, grittier and heavier than the kind of D’n‘B I’m used to making.

whirring synths, fast drums and thick bass with a generous dose of filtering and compression is the recipe.

My favorite part is from 1:25 to 1:56. :D

Check it out:

Download: THA – Solarphage (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


New Track: Marble Madness Remix

2. April 2009 16:15 by Hamst3r in Tracks

Hey. :D

I put together a remix tonight of a song that I’ve been wanting to remix for a long time now.

It’s the music that plays in level 2 of Marble Madness. If you’ve played Marble Madness then you should surely recognize it. I think it’s the best song in the game. The original music is by Brad Fuller and Hal Canon. Hal Canon also did music for Gauntlet, which is pretty awesome.

Oh and fun fact: Marble Madness was the first video game to have stereo sound.

Anyways; I decided to do a Drum and Bass remix as DnB is one of my favorite genres. I also went for a more modern and authentic sound than my usual way of doing DnB.

Check it out:

Download: THA – Marble Madness Remix (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.

Oh and there’s a video too using footage of a polygonal Marble Madness remake called Rolling Madness 3D:

ezmuze demo song: Supremacy

4. March 2009 16:45 by Hamst3r in Ezmuze


I have a video and an mp3 here for you. If you follow my Twitter posts or subscribe to my Youtube videos, you’ve probably seen this video already:

ezmuze+: Hamst3r edition – #001

It’s an HD video of ezmuze in action!

As for the MP3; it’s a high-quality extended version of the music in that video.

Check it out!:

Download: THA – Supremacy.mp3

You can also stream the mp3 on THA Radio.

The song was constructed in ezmuze+ Hamst3r edition taking full advantage of the available tools, particularly the volume automation. :)


I will post more EZMHE news as we get closer to release, which should be within the next few months at most if everything works out as planned.

New Track: Mirror's Edge - Still Alive Remix

4. December 2008 18:27 by Hamst3r in Tracks


Got something special for you here. It’s a drum and bass remix of the song, “Still Alive” by Lisa Miskovsky for the Mirror’s Edge soundtrack!

Check it out!

This was original for a remix competition, but I’ve created a higher quality mix with a few refinements and have added the MP3 to THA sites: THA Radio

You can also download the new higher quality track here:

Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive (THA DnB Mix)

New Track: Chell's Revenge

19. July 2008 18:43 by Hamst3r in Tracks





Guess what? The freshness seal. It’s unbroken. That means this beat will be fresh when you open it. Mmm…delicious beats.

This is a “Remix” I’ve done for the Chell’s Revenge series of Portal maps by generalvivi. I’ve taken some of the dialogue from the first episode and put it to a kicking drum and bass beat.

Check it out:

THA Radio

Download (right click, save as)

If you want to play Episode 1 of Chell’s Revenge, it will be available HERE very soon.

Enjoy the music and the new Portal challenge!

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