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The Hamster Alliance is a one man music project. The goal of "THA" is to produce awesome and diverse music without constraints. All music by THA is freely available on the internet to listen to. If you would like to use THA music in a project, please send me an email

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New Track: The Reapers

4. March 2010 14:54 by Hamst3r in Tracks

I’ve spent a good 50 or so hours in the Mass Effect universe; having played the original and the recently released sequel. The music in both games is fantastic.

There’s a particular piece of music in Mass Effect 2 which begins with low brass drones and percussion with snares and anvil strikes. That’s what inspired this piece.

I guess you could call this a tribute to Mass Effect. :)

Check it out:

Download: THA – The Reapers (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


New Track: After The Last Sunset

11. February 2010 15:24 by Hamst3r in Tracks

The sun has set for the last time and it will never rise again. Make the most of this bleak situation and enjoy what precious time remains. The end belongs to those who believe the sun will rise again. As the last pocket of heat dissipates and the last plant dies, the stars of distant planets mock us from afar.

This is a piano solo I wrote around the idea of the sun dying and the time spent until the earth dies. :)

Anyways, check it out:

Download: THA – After The Last Sunset (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


New Track: Three Square Meals of Stale Regrets

19. September 2009 15:35 by Hamst3r in Tracks

Do you remember the film The Italian Job? I’m talking about the 2003 remake, not the 1969 original. More specifically, do you remember the style of music it had?

Well, this is kind of like that. It’s orchestral film score style stuff with Middle East, Spanish and Jazz influences. There’s also a touch of electronic music in there too.

A strings ensemble, upright bass, horn and acoustic guitar alongside synths and clicky electronic drums.

Check it out:

Download: THA – Three Square Meals of Stale Regrets (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


New Track: Defense Mechanisms

14. September 2009 15:36 by Hamst3r in Tracks

Hey, got some new epic-sounding stuff here. This track is a continuation of the ideas I expressed in the tracks, “Chaos out of Nothingness” and “Ablation Cascade”.

There’s a moody cinematic quality to it all with influences being pulled from industrial and film score. The track is mostly comprised of synth drones, dissonant noise and drums. There’s also a piano, some strings and brass to balance it all out.

Check it out:

Download: THA – Defense Mechanisms (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


New Track: Chaos Out of Nothingness

22. August 2009 15:40 by Hamst3r in Tracks

I have a huge appreciation for Post Rock and Progressive Rock music. I borrow from their ideas quite often. I haven’t really done a full on track in either genre though. Making Contact is the closest I’ve come to making a Progressive Rock or Post-Rock track.

Chaos Out Of Nothingness comes much closer. Layers of guitars, bass, drums, piano and ambience that build-up slowly to the big finale. Not too slow of a buildup though, cause I get bored when the build-up is several minutes long. :P

Check it out:

Download: THA – Chaos Out Of Nothingness (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


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