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The Hamster Alliance is a one man music project. The goal of "THA" is to produce awesome and diverse music without constraints. All music by THA is freely available on the internet to listen to. If you would like to use THA music in a project, please send me an email

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New Track: Sand Crab Riders

29. April 2011 13:32 by Hamst3r in Tracks

Grab your Crab Saddle and ride into Crab Battle. At arms, tiny rider, it’s time to fight.

A bouncy orchestral piece with a cartoonishly evil tone. Bassoons and clarinets carried by a thick bed of strings, brass, choir and percussion. There’s also a bit of celesta and harp in there too with a piano wrapping it all up at the end.

Check it out:

Download: THA – Sand Crab Riders (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.

New Track: The Reapers

4. March 2010 14:54 by Hamst3r in Tracks

I’ve spent a good 50 or so hours in the Mass Effect universe; having played the original and the recently released sequel. The music in both games is fantastic.

There’s a particular piece of music in Mass Effect 2 which begins with low brass drones and percussion with snares and anvil strikes. That’s what inspired this piece.

I guess you could call this a tribute to Mass Effect. :)

Check it out:

Download: THA – The Reapers (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


New Track: Impact Event

4. June 2009 16:02 by Hamst3r in Tracks


You may have heard a bit of this track already in a Youtube video titled HRDCR. This is the completed version of that track which takes the initial idea much further.

Sharp Synths, distorted guitar and strings on top of a heavy beat and swirling ambience. The first half of this song is very video game like while the second half is a more cinematic style.

Check it out:

Download: THA – Impact Event (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


New Track: Linear Implosion

5. May 2009 16:09 by Hamst3r in Tracks

YES. A new track for yooooooooooooou!

The inspiration for this track was the Red Mesa CryEngine 2 mod that combines elements of Half-Life with Crysis, which sounded like a good mix to me.

So, this track has that Half-Life feel to it, but with some Crysis on top. Very sparingly though. I also added some stuff unlike either game to give it some uniqueness.

With that said, check it out:

Download: THA – Linear Implosion (right click, save as)

or stream it on THA Radio.


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