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A quick update and some WIP MP3s

7. March 2008 19:04 by Hamst3r in Tracks, Updates

I haven’t said much lately as I haven’t been working on much music lately. If you’re curious what I’ve been up to all this time, just click that big button to the right that says THA BLOG. It will take you to I’ve either been playing video games, doing a lot of nothing or attempting to make some cool illustrations.

But I’m starting to get in the mood again to finish some tracks.

Here are some unfinished previews of the few I’ve been working on:

1. In The System (GLaDOS + Drum and Bass)
2. Understand (An oldie-style thing with a twist? Ignore the “mouth pop” – I’ve already removed it, it was a dumb idea. :P)
3. BossaHamster (Bossa Nova + Nintendo)

My assumption is that “In the System” will be the popular track, but lemme know what you think and if you think I should finish a particular track first.

I’ve also done a few remixes that I haven’t posted here before:

1. Sublime – Doin’ Time (THA Amateur Step Mix)
2. Jennyrave – Nemesis Flower (THA Contemplative Mix)
3. BigYo – Earth Plate

Those remixes were done pretty fast, just for fun, not really aiming on making my next epic track. But enjoy them, nonetheless. :)

Thanks to everyone that’s been sticking around and checking the page even though I haven’t been posting new stuff every month!

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